Wednesday, July 24, 2013


We are never free. 
What we have become, is contrary to what we have planned. What we are, is not what we wanted to be. Our freedom is continuously consumed. Not only by the "great powers" of the world, the governments, the people who hold the ropes. But by an even  greater menace.
Our own selves.

We have dreams. We have hopes. We have expectations.
Yet, we end up burying them deep down. We become slaves of our brain. What we need, is never what we get. And this is entirely our fault. 
Because when the heart screams "YES", we close our ears. When the mind realizes what is wrong, we close our eyes. We end up doing what is easier. What is right for others, but not for us. We let go of the chances we have, because we messed up once. And then this means messing up twice. And we go on, building one mistake upon the other, burying what we want deeper and deeper in a dark pit, locking our freedom away from reach. Cause we are human and we are stupid.

We never take control. We just let things... be. Happen. We let them happen instead of making them happen. So we mess up. Messed up situations, messed up feelings, messed up people. Messed up world.
One we created by our cowardliness. 

And we are afraid. We are afraid to live, to love. We are afraid to let go of our chains, to lose ourselves in what makes us happy. And we obey. We obey other's wills, we give up, we give in.

The life we lead is no longer our own. If it were, things would have been easier, better. We lead a life someone else is expecting us to live. We choose, and yet the choice in not ours anymore. Not because we don't want it. Because they won't let us. Because people interfere, no matter how hard you toss and turn, you kick and fight. And our brain forgets. The strings pulling us, become our own. And then we cease being us. We become the "convenient" way.

 We are not us.

We have failed.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Αυτό είναι σχέση, φίλε"

" [...] Η εμπιστοσύνη, η φροντίδα, η στοργή, το πάθος, η τρέλα, η ζήλια, οι βόλτες, τα ξενύχτια, τα μεθύσια, τα ταξίδια, τα ατελείωτα γαμήσια, τα κρυφά ραντεβού, οι περίεργες συζητήσεις, τα μυστικά τηλεφωνήματα στις 3 το χάραμα, τα "σ΄αγαπώ" στη θάλασσα, τα "σε μισώ" στα πάρτυ, τα "σε θέλω" στα μαγαζιά, οι αμοιβαίες υποχωρήσεις, τα ναι και τα όχι, οι προσπάθειες, τα πρέπει και τα μη, τα λάθη, τα ηλιοβασιλέματα, τα γέλια και τα κλάματα, η συγνώμη.. Αυτό είναι σχέση, φίλε."