Friday, June 20, 2014


You wonder why I fell for you?

I fell for the warmth your lips leave on my forehead after a long kiss. I fell for your tight embrace, your arms towering over me. The goosebumps your kisses leave when they trace my back. The sweet wait when I know you're coming for me.I fell for the sound of your words and the shyness in your voice when you whisper that you missed me. I fell for the wide smile and the spark in your eyes whenever I enter the room. I fell for the way you cherish me and care for me. For your honest laughter, your brains, your skills. The silly moments we shared. I fell for those times you held me in your protective arms to soothe me, those late nights when we shared the darkest parts of our souls. Your patience and endurance, the way you always see right through me. I fell for the way you shouted that you don't want me to change the things you hate about me cause otherwise it wouldn't be me. I fell for your confessions and your honesty. I fell for the way you tear me apart and then fix me again, the way you take my tearing face in your hands before you kiss me.

I fell for you, cause you are my "incomplete, in my life full of incompletes".