Monday, April 30, 2012

The Finality.

That's what's makes it the most difficult of all. The most painful. That realisation is enough to set the tears rolling,enough to make those submerged feelings in the ashes of the Dark Days, see the light of day again.
Enough to tear someone apart. Maybe not just one person this time.
The Finality. The end of an era of life. The end of a cycle.
Yes. Just as expected.
The time to finally grow up and get on with life.
The Finality. The end.
But also, the start of something new. A new life. A new bond. A new friendship(?) 
I just want to you to know that when everyone else had lost faith in you, I was still there. When everyone wouldn't bother to hear you, I was still there.
And I want you to know that when everyone else said I should give up on you, I didn't. When they said I deserve better, I didn't listen to them. I always didn't.

All because I love you.

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