Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Written in the stars

We used to look at all those stars and hope that we would still watch them together till forever. Then you'd open your arms and you'd pull me closer to you. Hold me tight, kiss my forehead. Whisper those sweet,sacred words. Bury your face in my hair. Then I'd take your hand and sqeeze it in mine. And then we'd stare at those bright stars, just like we always did.
Then the end came and stars stopped shining for us. Afraid, they decided to disappear till we found our way back to each other. Cause the stars shone only for us. They were ours. They light our way.
But then suddenly, a tiny little star decided to start shining again. Slowly slowly, it started making its way back to the sky. Then another star started shining, too. The stars realised maybe our way was different. Maybe they didn't have to show us one common way. They thought that maybe, if they showed two different paths, they would succeed in their puprose. And maybe, who knows, those two paths might interfere again,someday. And then maybe, the two paths would become one again.
The little star twinkled in confidence and hope.

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