Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Brand New Revisited.

It's that time of the year again, when we wish to enjoy the 365 days ahead. Truth is, we do need this time of the year. Because a day like this, gives us the chance to feel that we have a brand new beginning in front of us. "..another year, another chance for us to get it right."
It's true that some wishes remain the same every single year. But we still wish they come true because a part of us hopes something will change. We need a day like today, a First of some others to come, so that we can leave our mistakes behind, forgive, and hold on to our hopes and dreams. We need this day to re-evaluate our lives, to find again a sense of purpose, a goal in life. We need to spend some time we our loved ones. Learn again to appreciate some things (which will be once again forgotten by the end of the year). We need just a moment to remember to love again. Just a single moment.

However, usually this sense of a new beginning is just an illusion. We hope to leave the past behind, but truth is, it always lingers in front of us. Chases us. Because either us or someone else won't let go. They say, if you messed up your life, changing location won't help at all. It's you that has to change. But let's take a moment to consider this. You, can change. What about the rest of the world, though? It's still the same. It still has the same flaws. And your life does not depend only on you. It's also the people involved. And people are just..people. Mortals. Sinners. So re-evaluation and new beginning? A faraway dream, after all. Not because you don't want to. Because they won't let you.

.. and with these thoughts, I hope you have a Happy New Year :) Cheers to the illusion of new beginnings. We need them.


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