Monday, June 10, 2013


Our lips crush violently. I can feel the heat of his lips burning mine as they move together. His sweet scent, which doesn't resemble any man-made perfume, fills every corner of my lungs. His arms keep me locked in an embrace which I couldn't escape, even if I wanted to. My hands search for his hair and are automatically clenched around them. Our breathing speeds up and comes out in gasps. The heat exerting his body is absorbed willingly by every cell of my body, burning me on the inside.

He pushes me back against the wall and I curl my legs around his waist. My fingers trace the back of his neck, his broad shoulders, and then find their way back to his hair again. He keeps kissing me, every inch of me, my lips, my hair, my neck, my chest. His soft lips leave little fires on my skin everywhere they touch. I feel like there is no way in the world I can satisfy the hunger I feel for more. Not even every possible way of being linked together will ever consume what we feel. He gives me a long, last kiss. When his lips leave mine, I want them back. I bury my face in his chest not willing to let go, inhaling as much of his scent as I can. He never pushes me away from him. He just strokes my hair, lips on my forehead, hands resting on the small of my back. These would be our last minutes together.

“I have to go”, he whispers softly in my ear.

“I know”, I say quietly, trying to fight back the tears trying to make their way to the surface.

He holds me tighter, then leans down for a deep, last kiss. I cup his face in my hands, trying to prolong the kiss, but time is running out. We have to part ways. He pulls me back softly, as if not to hurt my feelings, stares deep in my eyes for a moment to absorb my image, and then he just leaves, the door closing noisily behind him.

It’s like the room’s temperature has dropped five degrees. Like the colours on the walls have become dull in an instant. The smell of breakfast coming from the kitchen is no longer appealing. His absence leaves a hole in my heart, only to be mended when we meet again. Which we will. Destiny has crossed our paths in a strange way and it surely has a common a path for us. Because we don’t want each other. We need each other.


“Never say last”

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