Sunday, May 30, 2010

My First Entry

It is true that since the ancient times, humans were always searching for communication. this is why languages and writting have been created.

havent u always needed to talk to somebody in a difficult situation? to express ur thoughts and ur feelings? this is how i feel.. sometimes i like writing down my thoughts, my feelings but then i realise this is not enough. i need people to know my thoughts, to share their opinions and maybe help me with my problems. this is why i have thought of creating a blog long ago. but i didnt do it. i couldnt make up my mind. but finally i decided and here i am !

my mother language is not english so please forgive me for any mistakes.. its just that sometimes i prefer writing my thoughts in eglish because i can express myself better. i dont know if u think that it is impossible to express urself better than in ur mother tongue, but this is how i feel..

so welcome to my blog and i hope u enjoy my entries :)

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