Saturday, May 28, 2011


It’s been some months know that I found out about a make-up artist, Kandee Johnson. She has become famous and her videos are all over the youtube. She seems to be a nice person, always so positive and happy and loving. Being a single mother with 4 kids, she manages to get by. However, I have heard some terrible things about her, and this has become the reason for writing this post, not just about her case, but generally.

The world would be a much better place, if everyone minded their own busyness and didn't try to destroy some of the few hints of LIGHT, that show us how wonderful life can be, in this world of DARKNESS and SELFISHNESS and ENVY.
why do they have to delete the HOPE and LOVE which some people have to offer, by accusing and making up stories for them?

Nowadays, we can rarely read about a famous person who has no haters. Seriously guys! These people, no matter how famous, they are HUMAN, they make mistakes. That’s what defines humanity. We all make mistakes and will continue to do so.  However, that does not mean we should judge them. Nor make up stories about them to make them look like they are evil. The press knows that scandals attract people’s attention, that’s why they encourage such things.

But let’s just not think only about the case of someone famous. People around us.. are just not real! How often has someone said “HI” to you and smiled his fake smile? Or said a good word about you but behind your back they criticize and say awful things about you? Maybe it’s time to wonder who of our friends are REAL and don’t go around saying bad things about you behind your back.

Now I come to talk about facebook. I won’t mention my thoughts of it controlling the whole world. (yes, I deleted my account but 8 months later created a new account but that’s a huge story). Think about how you are lured to spy on someone you like/hate/are jealous of. How you talk to your friends about them. “OMG did you see that they are in a relationship? She’s so freaking ugly!” or “did you see what he wrote?” or “what an awful picture! And she thinks she’s pretty”. I mean, come on, everyone knows these things happen. We, humans, really enjoy gossiping about others. Spy on them. Laugh at them. Bully them. This is because of the darkness inside our souls and the fact that criticizing others make us feel that we are better than them. 

We often forget what humans are supposed to do. We are supposed to be good and loving. Jesus himself had haters but he still loved everyone, sacrificing himself for us. Why can’t we see the good in people and always judge them and bully them for their features?
We should think more often of the way we can fight the darkness around us. I feel pity for these people’s shallow hearts.

“It may be easier to hate, but it is stronger to love”

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