Monday, May 23, 2011


Now the time has come to say goodbye. Again.
I don't blame you for leaving. I just wish..things turned out differently.

I still care about you, you know. Just..not the way I used to. And yes, I do love you. Though, in a different way. Still, that does not mean you stopped being special to me. "Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure".

I wish you could deal with it differently. I wish you could still talk to me in the same way, be there for me like I did when you needed me. God, I wish you weren't so stubborn! You do have a choice. You always did. You just made the wrong ones. You still have a chance to do it right. Please, don't leave..
You shut me out of your life once. I screamed, I cried, but no one would answer me. Broken up, I fought it, and here I am today, stronger than ever.
Please don't go..
I don't know what there will be left for you to find when, and if, you come back.

Just.. don't disappear from my life. Okay?

And yah, I miss you.