Tuesday, February 5, 2013


And the whole world goes in circles. As always. Faith in humanity? Level zero. "The world is rotting". Indeed it is. Including me. Including every single one of us.
There is always that little silver lining of hope. Nope. Not anymore. Because we can't see, if we don't want to. "I see but I don't see". We create those little illusions in our minds, those illusions which give us a hint of hope, which helps us through a little light on what's happening around us. Then again, they are illusions.
The world sucks. Everyone sucks. I suck.
Realizations. That the world is not the way it should be. The world has become a place for sinners. Innocence is gone forevermore. It waves goodbye little by little. With every new realization, I feel a piece of it going away. Like a part of me is missing. And it feels wrong. And excruciating. It feels like my soul is ripped in pieces that disappear into the wild. And I can't get them back. Not now. Not ever.
I thought people could be different. People could be good. But NO. They are just selfish creature looking for pleasure. Trust in the world? Beyond saving.

-"You could be a smurf"

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