Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We Are Us

We are believers. We are those who still have faith. We are those who see the silver lining behind every massive destruction. We are the ones who believe in magic. In love. In the kindness of the world. In whatever good there is still left. We are fighters. The ones with unicorns and centaurs and fairies on our side. We are the ones who haven't given up yet. We are the ones who still hope.
We are those who fly with their wings. We are those who still face the flaming dragons. Those who endure the poison of the witch.

But we,too, are afraid. Sometimes we feel like we're losing ourselves. Sometimes we doubt it all. Sometimes we are on the verge of giving up. Long gone into the cruelty of the world. If we give up too, the world will be lost forever. Innocence will seize to exist. Magic will be forsaken.

But then, we remember. We remember why we fight for it all in the first place. We remember why when everyone else has given up, when the world has become so rotten, we still hold our grounds. Few of us left, but with hearts as wide as Wonderland and Neverland and every other land combined all together.

We are the ones who find beauty in the little things. We are the ones seeing magic around the corner. We are the ones who still fight the war even after a lost battle. We are those who believe in a power higher than ourselves. We are those who believe in a potion greater than any unbreakable curse: a True Love's kiss.

We are You.