Friday, January 28, 2011


Dear I-trust-people side of me,

One thing you should learn during your life: humans will betray you. Eventually they are all going to lie to you, use you, pretend they like you and in the end betray you. What? You trust people? Nah. A few are those who deserve your trust. But remember: the greater the trust, the greatest the betrayal. Be careful. Watch your back. Choose the ones worth your trust carefully. Don't come to me crying after a betrayal, 'cause I'll say "I told you so". Don't let thoughts like "ooh he's sooo nice, i can trust him" cloud up your judgement. And most of all, NEVER let your feelings lead you to do something reckless. Because, damn, you have a mind! Learn how to use it wisely please.

P.S. Better be safe than sorry!

I-don't-trust-people-anymore side of me

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