Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Dustland Fairytale.

Unce upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, was living a 16-year-old girl, Crystal. In that kingdom, life wasn't as we know it here. Day and night existed,but time did not. The sky was purple and the flowers had a candy colour. The flowers were made of varius colours they were spread in endless meadows.
Crystal was exactly as her name suggested: she had a clear, soft-white skin, sparckling brown eyes and black-like-midnight hair. She used to avoid cutting them, but when she felt like she needed a change in her life,she cut them short. Crystal was in love with the prince of the kingdom,Stephan. He was tall, dark and with blue eyes like the ocean. His smile was radiant and dazzling. But she didn't feel that way because of his looks. She liked every part of his personality. He was kind, noble, intellingent and most of all, good-hearted. He really loved the people of his kingdom and cared about every single one of them. Everyday she was hoping that her prince would notice her. And that day finally came.

Crystal was walking by the sea,watching the sunset, when she heard a horse approching. She looked around and saw the prince of her dreams on a white horse approaching her. Of course,when she saw that he was looking at her,she blushed. Stephan descended from his horse and came close to her. He stopped right beside her and whispered to her ear. "Beautiful, isn't it?"
Crystal was astonished by the warmth of his voice. Her cheeks were still bright red and she just nodded her head. They stared at the sunset in silence. Finally Stephan br0ke the silence and asked Crystal if she wanted to go for a walk with him. She agreed and they set off.
Crystal was feeling like she was living in a dream. Stephan asked her everything about herself as the walked in a meadow with light-blue flowers. The vivid blue of his eyes could not be compared with the colour of the flowers. They walked and laughed, sang and danced like they knew each other forever. Crystal was living her fairytale. Stephan's eyes were filled with excitement, as he had finally found what he was looking for. A girl on the same wavelength with him, a girl who made him laugh, a girl with whom he could get as crazy as he could but could also make a very serious conversation with. Someone special.
Laughing, they layed down in the meadow. Stephan stared deep down in Crystal's eyes and saw the lost paradise he was searching for. His finger brushed her rosy cheek. A wide smille was spread along both of their faces. Nothing else matter,except that moment. Then their lips finally met.

(a too-honey-filled story, and a really impossible one. Oh well,that's what fairytales are usually about.)

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