Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tick - Tocking

why does time never pass quickly when u want to? i mean, u have something really important to do and the time on the clock does not seem to change at all.

i wanna run, run away, i wanna make the hours pass quicker, i want the final time to come..
as the minutes go by they are torturing me, they each seem like ages to me, no, centuries. the time seems like it has stop when i need it to pass. but i know i have to relax, that is all in my imagination. there is no magical machine that can change the time so i'd better be patient. sooner or later the time will come. the time to see him again is close..

damn i cant wait any longer. i want to see him NOW. waiting is not my forte, im not patient at all, especially when i should be. my heart is pounding in excitement, knowing that in a while we will be finally together. i feel butterflies in my stomach. tick tock. tick tock. another minute has passed, another minute closer to him, closer to his arms, to his smile..

i wish a fairy would make time pass quicker. but i guess fairies exist only in fairytales and fantasies. it doesnt matter, on way or another i will see him in a while. and that gives me strength to wait, to get by some more minutes before i remember it again and gain more strength. his memory is all i have to keep me counting the minutes left.

tick tock, tick tock, tick tock..

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