Tuesday, December 21, 2010

(Almost) Full Moon.

Her hand was locked in his. They both stared at the magnificent view of the almost-full moon above their heads, watching the strange patterns of the clouds and the colours that lightened them. They stood in silence, a comforatble silence. As if words were not needed, their minds were always in the same wavelength. Even if it was winter, it wasn't cold. A light breeze was brushing their uncovered-by-clothes faces. He moved his eyes from the moon and looked deep down in hers. He brushed her cheek with his finger and then his hand moved to her waist,pulling her closer. His other hand stroked the dark cascade of her hair, black like abyss. She was staring at his face, dazzled. His scent was sweet and it made her lean closer to him. His eyes were deep brown, almost black like that night. Hers, were a honey-like brown. His eyes were fixated on her face, absorbing every part of it. She was feeling the heat between their bodies burning like fire. Her heart was pounding so loud that she thought he could hear it. He leaned his head lower and their lips parted. Then they finally met. Their kiss was soft and long. Sweet and overwhelming. Making them want more.
Exactly like every first kiss should make them feel.

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