Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Prince Charming.

How many times have we imagined ourselves living our own fairytale? Finding the perfect love, the mysterious and charming prince. Every girl's mind has been filled with visions of the prince riding a white horse and coming to save her from the evil witch. I blame the fairytales, which our parents would read to us, to that.

Still, I believe there is a prince for every girl. The problem is finding the one. What if you actually thought you had found the one,then he left you and you were lost. You felt like a living-dead. (too gothic. anyway.) Then what if you met someone who made you feel alive again? Who made you feel wonderful and special and wanted in every single way? Who made you laugh and helped you through the difficulties. Who was always there for you, ready to listen to any problem and help you out. What if you felt like he was the sun and you were in orbit around him? And what if you couldn't stay away from him and when you talked with him you had so many things to say,that you wouldn't shut up for a minute? Then your world changes because you realise you were wrong. The guy you thought before was the "one" was just an ordinary guy who would break your heart,after all. But how can you be sure that this new person in your life is actually the one? You can't. You just take your chances and hope for the best. Love deserves a chance. Even if it doesn't turn out as you wish, you know that at least you gave it a try. A friendship is also welcome.

I guess knowing for sure who your prince is,only happens in fairytales. Like the prince who offered Cinderella her missing shoe. Or the prince who saved Snow White with his kiss. And the prince who woke up Sleeping Beauty from her endless sleep.

I'm waiting for the kiss of the prince which will bring me back to life.


  1. Love deserves a lot of chances.
    Though we, the girls, are very fascinated by thinking that there is only one, in our day and age, we just have to go through pain.
    And let me tell you why.
    Because, if you don't get hurt, you'll never grow stronger. Pain, though we, people, refuse to admit it, often helps us to see and realize things we just wouldn't see. We fall into the "trap" and every time we meet a special guy we think that he is the one and only.
    But think it from the other side.
    It's said that what deserves indeed, is really difficult. So you really have to be patient.
    I am not really convinced that there is a guy so perfect as to be called a prince, but there are pretty good guys. Life and love are all about MOMENTS. You just do your best to enjoy them and then, as the time goes by, you are more able to realize why some things were not meant to be. Everything's for the best, remember that:)

  2. 0fc u are right. Personally, i believe that everything happens for a reason. So if anything does not end up like i want to, i think about varius reasons why it didnt end up like i wanted. the same thing happens for "that one guy". ok, we cry,we're humans, but later on we realise it is better that way. And sometimes we figure out the reason it happened. But really, we have so much fun without any bf ;p so we should just enjoy every moment and always find something good in bad situations :)