Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nightmare Before Christmas.

She woke up screaming. Her dream was so alive. The vivid colours, her emotions, the deadly fire, the smoke which didn't let her breathe, him.. He was so real and yet so different. A shade of darkness was covering his soul. His evil laughter was still ringing in her ears. His hair, dark like ebony, covering his eyes. Those eyes. The devilish look in them was going to haunt her forever. It couldn't be him, no, there was no way he could be so vicius. In reality his features were so angelic, he was noble and caring. Still, it felt so real.. Like her deepest fear coming to life. Seeing him as she never wanted to see him. The dark side that everyone is hiding somewhere, but in an amplified version. He was the one who put on that fire. He was the one acting to be nice to her but in the end it turned out he just wanted to destroy her. Like he did with everybody else.

Still bewildered from her dream, she took her cell in her shaking hands to look at the time. 5.00 am and she had a message. A message from him. A message telling he was leaving, he had to go far away. He would never come back. He said that he loved her and he would love her forever. But she had to go on with her life. One day maybe they would meet again. She felt her heart crack. Heart break was actually something real, it was physical pain. She thought about her dream and that fire. The smoke that she chocked to death. And him staring with satisfactory eyes. Enjoying to see her in agony and pain. She couldn't help but thinking she forgot something. Something about that dream. A link between the nightmare and reality. But she couldn't figure it out. A tear rolled down her cheek. Her mind became foggy. And she closed her eyes..

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