Thursday, December 30, 2010

Brand New.

Well.. Θα πω τα κλασσικά που λέμε όλοι τέτοιες μέρες. Ακόμη μια χρονιά έφτασε στο τέλος της. Μια χρονιά γεμάτη νέες γνώσεις και εμπειρίες, καινούργιες φιλίες, στιγμές χαράς και γέλιου μέχρι δακρύων, αλλά και στιγμές ποτισμένες με δάκρυα πόνου. Also, a year older, i'm supposed to be wiser. I guess i am. (in some sectors at least) One thing for sure, stronger. Not physically, but emotionally. SO. Benefits from 2010? many i guess. Most of all, the happy memories of moments being with friends and family. Moments that i will always remember,no matter what. Experiences I gained, lessons I've learned and a list of endless things which i don't think i should write.

For the finaalee i'd like to wish you to enjoy the new year with all your heart, live each moment at its fullest, do things you would regret if you didn't do them (sometimes there are no second chances, it is now or never), learn some useful stuff, give love and storge,help others -not just take.

Happy New Year Everyone (: xx


  1. ok should become a writer! :D
    and secondly happy new year ^^ :)

  2. ahahaha ok, fistly.. p imoun mitsia i8ela :D (oi pos tr xala me,alla nta lio diskolo ;p)
    secondly, happy new year to you too, pal ^^ xx