Friday, April 15, 2011

If Only...

In your stormy ocean of lonenlyness, I'll be your life vest, saving you from drowning.
In your long lost heaven, I'll be your guardian angel, leading you to the right way.
In your agonising devilish nightmare, I'll be the silver lining, helping you endure.
In your labyrinth of possibilities, I'll be the arrow, showing the consequences.
In your whole collection of books, I'll be the One, your all-time-favourite.
In your stupid and meaningless life, I'll be the adventure you always seek for.
In the long way the future holds for you, I'll be the warm hand, helping you stand.
On the edge of the steep cliff of despair you are about to fall,I'll be the rope pulling you back.
In your days of pain, I'll be the painkiller, taking away your pain.
In your bottomless sea of disappointment, I'll be the handkerchief, wiping away your tears.
In your empty room, but still full of screams, I'll be the one fighting away your fears.
During your bewildering and confusing days, I'll be the irresistible answer to your questions.
In the bright and happy moments of your life, I'll be the tear of joy falling down your cheek.

"Say when, and my own two hands will comfort you tonight, tonight.
Say when,and my own two arms will carry you tonight, tonight.."
-The Fray
If only you let me...

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