Monday, March 21, 2011


Today, I caught myself thinking about how different this school year has been so far. Different friends,different experiences and knowledges. Memories I'll always cherish. I keep thinking about the time I'll have to say goodbye. Maybe a temporary one. Maybe not.
 I’ll always remember the new friends I made and the stronger bonds I created with others. These new bonds, made me realize that friendship is all about love, support and understanding. Most of all, these bonds will remain tight between me and my friends, even if our paths are different, so different that our friendship will last from miles and miles away. I will always remember the crazy moments we had together, the serious and not-so-serious discussions we had, the silly jokes that kept me awake all night, laughing to tears on my bed, and the unstoppable chatting with someone, which drove my best friend crazy, because she couldn’t have her turn to talk :P
I guess that's what high school's supposed to mean. Making friends, building unbreakable bonds with them, which will have to remain unbreakable even if our routes part. I hope mine won't break. Maybe distance will make them stronger.
So, I'm I ready for the heart-breaking farewell? No, I think not. And I won't be, when the moment finally comes.

"When my time comes,forget the wrong that I've done,help me leave behind some reasons to be missed. Don't resend me,and when you're feeling empty,keep my in your memory,leave out all the rest.." -LP
"I'll keep you locked in my heart,until we meet again" -Pink

Goodbye. And I'm sorry...

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