Friday, March 25, 2011

Puzzled (x2)

She was feeling his eyes on her back as she was leaving. They had a light, pleasant chat. Like nothing weird was going on between them. Like they both lived in ignorance. But that was just an illusion. They both knew. Well, sort of. Her feelings for him were clear. He knew it. Still, he wouldn't do anything about it. She knew that he was feeling something for her. But he wouldn't admit it. Maybe it wasn't strong enough for a relationship. Maybe he just cared about her in a friendly way. But that wouldn't explain all those messages out of the blue, expressing his concern about her. Neither those full of guilt, for not being there for her more. But he made himself clear. He wouldn't try something beyond frienship. As she walked, she looked behind her back. There he was, still standing on the same spot. Gorgeous. From the spot she was, she could see a bright radiance around his body. But no, it must had been her eyes playing tricks on her. He looked like he was in deep thoughts. She turned her head and continued walking, buried in her own thoughts.
He was so different from other boys. And weird, in a good way. So many memories of them together would always stay in her mind. She would cherish them. Though his decision was clear to her, she had a feeling that something wasn't right. She just couldn't put her finger on it. He was always so mysterious. She was feeling like he was hiding something from her. It felt like the real reason he didn't want them to be together,was something entirely different from what he let her believe. She had a few suspicions, but that wasn't enough. She could wait. That's what she has been doing the last few months. Waiting for a move that would show his feelings. And when that move came, she still wasn't sure if it was just a gesture of friendship, or he was falling for her. One thing for sure, all that time,she was slowly falling for him. She would have never imagined that something like that would happen! He wasn't the kind of guy she was usually attracted to. However, once she got to know him better, realise who he really was, everything changed. It was like, she fell for his unique character. Plus,his was attractive. Still, not her usual style, but who cared? She liked him for who he were.
She kept saying that she was okay with them being just friends, but the truth was that it was really causing her pain. She had dreams about them being together. She imagined it so many times. Here she was again, broken hearted once more. But this time was different. The last time a guy broke her heart, she managed to make it to the surface from that ocean of pain. She made it stronger. She didn't cry when he decided. However, she was still emotional. She cried when he expressed his concern and love (as a friend). On one hand, she was moved from the way he cared about her. On the other hand, she cried because there was a hint in his words, underlining again his decision to stick to friendship. At least, she was pleased that she could still be near him. They could still talk about presonal stuff, she could still be there for him whenever he needed a friend. Maybe, in this way, they could stay in each other's life forever. Sadly, she couldn't help but fear that day and only day when he would fall in love with somebody else. Seeing his love for her, seeing them together would only break her in a million pieces. She had to get over him before that happened. But how would she? She felt like waiting for him a bit more. Plus, her emotions weren't something controlled under her will.

All she had to do was wait..

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